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If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain, it might be a sign that there is decay in a tooth or a tooth is fractured or a filling is broken and you need a replacement filling.  A filling is a type of material used to recreate the original contour of a tooth that has been lost due to damage from decay or trauma.  

Modern Fillings

Modern dentistry has mainly replaced old silver amalgam fillings with new white composite fillings that are bonded to the tooth structure.   Composites are highly aesthetic materials that blend beautifully with your own natural teeth.  They are a cost-effective choice that will suit many clinical situations.  


Your dentist will prepare your tooth for a new filling by cleaning out any old debris or decay inside the tooth. Your tooth will then be etched to roughen the tooth structure and improve the grip strength for the new composite filling. A special glue will be painted on your tooth and hardened using an ultraviolet light. The composite will then be carefully built up in layers over your tooth. The final filling will be set straight away with the ultraviolet light and then polished down to form the natural tooth contour.


End Result

This procedure will leave a smooth white polished filling that will recreate your natural tooth. You will be able to eat and function normally after the procedure. Our dentists are happy to talk to you about any fillings that you may need and guide you through the procedure step by step.


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