Hygiene and Periodontal Treatment

What our hygienists do?


Our hygienists are qualified to treat the periodontium of your mouth. The periodontium includes the gums and bone surrounding your teeth.

These important structures help maintain the integrity of the teeth in your jawbone.

If neglected, gum disease can affect the bone levels around your teeth.  Affected patients can develop bleeding gums, bad breath (halitosis), gum abscesses and loosening of teeth over time and in extreme cases teeth may fall out.

Hygienists aim to treat and educate you on how best to maintain your dentition long term, so you can feel confident everyday in your personal oral health.


At your hygiene check-up, your hygienist will work with you to identify areas of gum inflammation in your mouth and record a baseline chart around individual teeth.   The hygienist will work in closely with your dentist and examine x-rays to assess the bone levels surrounding your teeth  This diagnostic information will help treatment plan your periodontal needs and provide a baseline record to measure the results of future treatment. 

Hygiene Treatment

Your hygienist will scale your teeth to remove plaque and tartar deposits using an ultrasonic scaler and hand scalers followed by a polish.  Evidence has shown that this method helps preserve the periodontium and maintain your teeth.   Your hygienist can offer a topical anaesthetic gel or local anaesthetic if you have sensitive teeth.  

Home Care Plan

Education is an important part of hygiene treatment.  Your hygienist will create an individual care plan for you to follow at home.  In your care plan, there will be instructions regarding your diet, fluoride intake and products recommended specifically to aid in cleaning your mouth such as electric or manual toothbrushes, waterpiks, floss devices, piksters, toothpastes, mouthrinses and gels.  Following these instructions can help prevent problems occurring.  

Recall Appointments

Ongoing Care

At the end of your hygiene appointment, your hygienist will set you a recall appointment so that you will be notified by the practice when you are next due for a hygiene appointment.  Routine hygiene appointments are normally at 6-monthly intervals.  More complex periodontal cases may need more intensive treatment at 6-week or 3-4-month intervals.  Your hygienist will discuss all the recommendations with you before proceeding with treatment, so you are fully informed about your hygiene care.  In some cases, the hygienist may suggest a referral to a specialist periodontist for assessment and advanced treatment care.   Your hygienist or dentist can arrange specialist referrals when required.  

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